Monday, August 18, 2008

Kicking Things Off

When I first stated my blog "View from the Exerda," I had intended bird photography to be one of the recurring topics there--yet even before the first post on the topic, I realized I wanted a forum where I could talk about just photography and birding, somewhere discussion of my most recent birding expeditions and favorite digital captures wouldn't be lost amidst ruminations on buying a home, brags about Didi and Chance's latest accomplishments, my favorite new recipes, and so forth.

Thus was born "Digital Feathers," a blog where I can focus on one of my favorite creative pursuits. Herein I plan to share details of my birding trips, be they to far-off, exotic locales or just around the corner to the neighborhood pond. I'll post bird photos both of what I feel to be excellent quality and also the occasional far-from-perfect, blurred & fuzzy capture of a rarity or "new lifer."

I'll post on techniques and the tools of the trade (hey, if you're willing to donate a Canon 500mm f4L lens for the cause, I'll be happy to review it here!), as well as the technologies I use in taking bird photos from the field to the screen.

And though Digital Feathers will primarily be a blog on bird photography, I won't promise not to share landscape and nature photos, or the occasional portrait of one of the many pets of our fauniferous zoo.

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