Monday, October 6, 2008

A Slow Season for Fall Migrants

Beth and I made it out to our favorite local park, Huntley Meadows, this past weekend to do what we expected to be some good birding, hoping to spy out some good fall migrants.  In past seasons, we've caught sight of large mixed flocks of wood warblers headed south, and I've gotten some great photos of them (in particular, of Palm Warblers in the low brush alongside the park's boardwalk).

However, Saturday morning's birding was something of a disappointment.  We did see plenty of Eastern Bluebirds--though none in a good position to photograph--and a Red-shouldered Hawk (again, not a candidate for my camera, unfortunately), and even a few Common Yellowthroats.  But so far, fall migration has been something of a disappointment.

Looking back at some of my fall migration photos from prior years, September and October yielded a wide variety of birds and photos at Huntley Meadows; not so yet for 2008.  Perhaps migration is a bit behind schedule in our area, and things will pick up as the month wears on.

If not, I am still headed on several fall trips to the west coast (for work) which ought to yield some good birding in my spare time.  Late October brings San Jose and the San Francisco Bay area; early November will see me in Monterey, CA, and later in inland Washington.  Fingers-crossed that I'll be able to share some good birding photos soon!

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